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December 05, 2016
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An error correction or a zoning change? Proposed site for scrap metal processor

On the other side of the issue, board member Lynn Killian, who was one of the people who initiated the comprehensive plan process in 2006, and who was a member of the Zoning Review Committee, said the board had not intended to change the zoning of the lots in question; therefore, this was a correction of an error.

Several residents agreed that this was the correction of an error, and it should be corrected quickly because the town needs the 10 to 20 jobs that the facility will provide.
Kenneth Klein, the town attorney, said that regardless of the way the board voted, there was going to be a party that would be unhappy with the outcome, and could possibly challenge it.

He said, however, that he was comfortable with viewing the action as the correction of an error, and said that position would be defensible.

Ultimately, the board voted four to one in favor of passing the law to correct the error, with Maurice Gerry abstaining.