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December 08, 2016
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Wayne explores alternative energy crop

“We can bring landowners out here or refer them here to see what the switch grass is and how it grows and hopefully have some ideas of success and failure of management techniques. We’d rather test it here than have a farmer plant 10 or 15 acres and have a failure, so this gives us an opportunity to actually see what it’s going to do.”

The plot can be observed to the right of the entrance to the Wayne County Recycling Center, which is located on Route 652 in Berlin Township, Wayne County, approximately 1.7 miles northeast of the intersection of Route 6 and Route 652, between Indian Orchard and Beach Lake. Contact WCD at 570/253-0930 for more information.

If you put a shale gas well on that property...

Win win. Let's take 50 acres, put about 7 acres of gas pad, with ten wells, feeder lines, road, compressor on it, and grow an "alternative energy crop" on the surface of the other 43 acres. Then, let's starve to death, and have no untreated, potable, water left to drink.

The former may certainly cause the production gas to migrate up to the surface where the crop is growing. It can then infuse the crop with methane, making it a gas saturated grass!

This, in turn, may create a splendid fuel for our two snow mobiles, three four wheelers, two leaf blowers, one or two trucks, and three cars.

Conservation is a "personal virtue", or whatever the artificial heart-less, ex-vice-president said it is. Drill baby drill, and burn baby burn.

We have such a large problem, and so little public intellectual energy is being spent towards actually dealing with it.