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October 27, 2016
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Will gas drilling turn any elections?

Of the 500 county residents who were called for the poll, about nine percent are second home owners, who will most likely not be voting in the election. However, even with that in mind, if the margin against drilling is nearly as wide as reflected, it would not be surprising to see gas drilling having an impact in at least some races.

This is a good article

I just returned from the zoning committee hearing in Tusten Township tonight. The committee voted unanimously to adopt some version of Article 14, that would ban, or strictly regulate heavy industry (shale gas extraction) in the Township.

I don't know Peg Harrison (what exactly is a "conservative democrat" in Tusten?), but how can she be "undecided" on shale gas extraction? We have had more than three and a half years to evaluate the situation. Is Tusten compatible with "heavy industrial" development (open air, shale gas extraction, the rate of which is determined by the market, and under regulated by our pathetically addicted governments) certainly qualifies in that category.

If she is undecided, she should be voted out of office. This is a passionate divide, and voters have the right to know how she will vote on this zoning issue.