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December 03, 2016
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Lackawaxen crossing nears completion; PCCD concerned about ‘slow restoration’

The same site on October 1. PCCD executive director Susan Beecher has questioned the necessity of clearcutting steep banks like these and wants to see the practice change when TGP’s Northeast Upgrade Project begins next year. Clearing occurs within a 10-foot vegetated buffer along streams; impacts of the practice include loss of wildlife habitat, trees and the riparian buffer, all of which affect bank stabilization. PCCD is asking for a 50-foot vegetated buffer along streams.

El Paso spokesperson Penny Paul said environmental compliance is a priority for TGP and that the company adheres to federal, state and other regulatory processes related to permitting and reporting.

“We are committed to aggressively pursuing restoration activities,” she added. “It is our policy to fully protect the environment, while mitigating the adverse conditions we have faced. Our goal is to restore the area to its original condition. We will stabilize the area for the winter and complete final restoration next spring when conditions improve.”

One new concern surfaced just prior to the PCCD board meeting. Beecher shared the news that El Paso Corporation had been sold to Kinder Morgan for $38 billion. “It occurred to me that for $38 billion, maybe Tennessee Gas can do some of the restoration work that we’ve been pressuring them to get done. I’ll be following up on that.”