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December 10, 2016
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Corbett unveils plan for gas fees

Senate Democratic Leader Jay Costa, on the other hand, said, “The utter lack of funds going toward environmental protection is also a concern. This meager amount, layered on budget reductions, which have already been imposed on the agency tasked with protecting Pennsylvania while this industry grows at breakneck pace, is severely lacking. We only get one shot at this—and if we don’t protect our water and our land, then we have learned nothing from our history.”

That concern was echoed by Jan Jarrett, the president of the environmental group PennFuture, who found additional faults with the plan. She said, “This plan is neither fair nor comprehensive, and is full of giveaways to the drillers. The proposed impact fee is too small, full of loopholes, unwieldy to administer, and leaves too much money on the table.”
Jarrett continued, “It also fails to address the serious needs our citizens and communities face in these hard economic times, and allows the drillers to pay very little in return for the massive profits they make from Pennsylvania’s resources.”