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October 23, 2016
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Governor Corbett announces plans to allow impact fees for gas wells and other changes

• Emergency response preparedness, training, equipment, responder

• Preservation and reclamation of surface and subsurface water supplies;

• Records management, geographic information systems and information technology;

• Projects which increase the availability of affordable housing to low-income residents;

• Delivery of social services, including domestic relations, drug and alcohol treatment, job training and counseling;

• Offsetting increased judicial system costs, including training;

• Assistance to county conservation districts for inspection, oversight and enforcement of natural gas development; and

• County or municipal planning.

Corbett’s proposal also seeks to help secure energy independence and reduce reliance on foreign oil by developing “Green Corridors” for natural gas vehicles with
refueling stations at least every 50 miles and within two miles of key highways; by amending the PA Clean Vehicles Program to include “bi-fuel” vehicles (diesel and natural gas); by helping schools and mass transit systems to convert fleets to natural gas vehicles; by stabilizing electric prices by using natural gas for generating electricity; and by encouraging the development of markets for natural gas and natural gas byproducts, such as within the plastics and petrochemical industries.

The Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission issued 96 recommendations. About onethird require legislative changes; more than 50 are policy-oriented and can be accomplished within the state agencies.

The legislative priorities outlined today will be submitted to the legislative leadership in the near future. The governor has instructed the relevant Cabinet Secretaries to create implementation plans for the policy-oriented recommendations and to submit them to his office within 30 days.

Corbett made his announcement during a tour of the Carpenter’s Training Center in Pittsburgh with Congressman Tim Murphy and Council of Carpenter’s Executive Director Bill Waterkotte.

During his visit the governor spoke with representatives
from a number of building trades about their efforts to ensure Pennsylvania workers are trained to fill the new jobs coming to the state from the natural gas industry.