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December 06, 2016
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Sullivan Residents urged to prepare for Hurricane Irene

With the threat of Hurricane Irene this weekend, Sullivan County Manager David P. Fanslau urges Sullivan County residents to take precautions and prepare for this hurricane coastal storm. County Manager Fanslau issued the following statement:

The National Weather Service issued a statement that noted, “Impacts from Hurricane Irene are likely from Saturday night into Sunday night. Heavy rain causing flooding and strong winds will likely begin as early as Saturday night.

County Legislators were briefed moments ago by the County Manager, Deputy County Manager, and the Commissioners of Public Safety and Public Works. Sullivan County officials will continue to communicate with local officials and emergency responders as the storm progresses and circumstances warrant.

Residents can prepare for this or any other emergency in severe weather.

* Review their household disaster plan. Know how to contact all family members at all times. Identify an out-of-town friend or family member to be the “emergency family contact.” Then make certain all family members have that number. Designate a family emergency meeting point; some familiar location where the family can meet in the event the home is accessible.

* Have on hand a three day supply of food and water. One gallon of water per person per day is rule plus water for personal hygiene. Food on hand should not require refrigeration or heating.

* Prepare an emergency phone list of people and organizations that may need to be called. Include children’s schools, doctors, child/senior care providers, and insurance agents.

* Ensure that enough non-perishable food and water supplies are on hand. Make sure battery-operated radios and flashlights are available and have an ample supply of batteries. Have a first aid kit available and make sure there is an ample supply of medicines on hand for those who require them.

* Pay attention to the news. Know the local radio and television stations that will provide up-to-date official information during an emergency.

* Know the hurricane/storm risks in their areas, and learn the storm surge history and area’s elevation.

* Learn their community’s warning signals and evacuation plans.

* Learn safe routes inland and local sheltering plans.

* Make arrangements on where to relocate pets during a storm because most shelters will not allow pets.

* Store important documents – insurance policies, medical records, bank account numbers, Social Security cards, etc. – in a waterproof container. Also, have cash (in small bills), checkbook, credit and ATM cards readily available.

Although Governor Cuomo issued a declaration of a State of Emergency related to the threat from Hurricane Irene, the Governor’s declaration did not include Sullivan County, as it only included Long Island, New York City, Westchester County, and Rockland County. However, Sullivan County officials will continue to monitor the situation and keep in contact with the State Emergency Management Office.