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December 03, 2016
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Park service concerned over Holbert Quarry expansion

At another point, Waldron explained why NPS and the Upper Delaware Council were not named as interested parties and were therefore denied permission to speak at a public hearing on the matter in June. He said the supervisors decided that the only interested parties would be adjacent or nearby landowners, and when they asked for advice about whether the two organizations should be included, he responded that it was a matter that could go either way. The supervisors then voted that they should not be granted party status.

McGuinness said he would look into an appeal of this decision, because both organizations have obligations regarding the entire river corridor and are therefore affected by the proposed quarrying. He said he would discussing the situation with NPS legal counsel.

On another matter at the meeting more than one commenter said that while the current permits allow quarrying on 10 acres, it is actually happening on 18 acres. McGuinness says the RMP allows for only four acres to be open for mining at a time. The supervisors and the zoning officer said they would investigate the matter of size of the operation.

Some neighbors have threatened to bring legal action, and wanted the expansion application to be denied outright. Ron Parker, who owns a home in the St. Vincent’s Pointe neighborhood, issued a statement saying, “The supervisors failed to protect the interests of Lackawaxen citizens, the environment and the Delaware River. Their decision will be appealed and they will loose the lawsuit causing an unnecessary significant cost to the local residents.”