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December 06, 2016
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Crematorium appeal dismissed, neighbors take objections to Pike’s county court

Borner ended the letter by quoting the district’s regulation: “No official action shall be taken by the board of supervisors until the township has received and considered the comments of the Pike County Planning Department or after 45 days following transmittal of the Final Plan to the County Planning Department.”

“The PCCD was and still is being totally ignored and not given a chance to review in the 45 days that are required by law,” Borner said. “The PCCD has not stood up to the township and has not done its job.”

Stroyan, who said that all the items in the planning department’s letter were fulfilled, would not comment further because of an appeal before the County Court of Common Pleas.
“The majority of Mr. Borner’s complaints with the project has to do with zoning,” said Susan Beecher, director of PCCD. “I tried to explain to him what our jurisdiction is. We reviewed their erosion and sedimentation plan and made suggestions, which they followed. That’s chiefly our area, not zoning or zoning related issues, so I have to disagree with him.”