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December 07, 2016
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Gas news at a glance

July 13, 2011

‘This American Life’ on the ‘Game Changer’ of gas

This week’s episode of ‘This American Life’ presents the issues surrounding natural gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale by telling the stories of two professors whose calculations land them differing outcomes. One gets acclaim, the other ends up out of a job.

The first, Terry Engelder, a geologist at Penn State, estimated the amount of natural gas recoverable from the Marcellus shale. The second, Conrad "Dan" Volz, at the University of Pittsburg, estimated the amount of chemicals and pollution that might be getting into water supplies.

The show explores how each was treated by his university and the relationships that have developed between schools, politicians and industry. It also looks at Mt. Pleasant, PA, where Range Resources has leased 95% of the township's land, leading to a standoff starting with zoning disputes and ending in a full scale PR war. Listen at www.thisamericanlife.org.

Multitude of public comments now on DRBC website

DRBC received written comments on the draft Natural Gas Development Regulations through approximately 44,500 form letters (identical or nearly identical letters submitted by two or more commenters); petitions or sign-on letters (comments under which two or more individuals signed their names) bearing a combined total of approximately 19,500 signatures; and approximately 4,800 unique oral or written submissions. Some 80 of the latter included single or multiple attachments.

Sounds like good news.

The fish commission can read the writing on the wall. To repair dams and save lives, they will lease to gas companies. It seems the so-called environmentalists are not stepping up to the donation plate to contribute monies to save the little fishies and repair the dams that help house them. Good thing there is industry ready and willing to step in and fill the void. Great news that our own DRBC has personally read every whine, every cry, every plea and every threat and now will sit back and mull things over for a few months. De-Lay is de queen of de-Nile and the best weapon of obstructionists. That is no secret and the DRBC is better at procrastinating than any other agency on this slightly polluted planet.