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December 03, 2016
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Q&A with Janine Edwards,Wayne County’s likely new district attorney

TRR: Many local youths go to college and never return. Why did you return?
JE: The quality of life here is important to me. I was born and raised here. Both my parents were born and raised here. My grandparents came here. The quality of the schools is very important to me. As a mother that is important. I like being close to my family. I like the fact that my father is 10 minutes away and my mother is two minutes away.

TRR: Since your name will appear on both the Democratic and Republican tickets, do you feel it is necessary to campaign?
JE: In politics, you have to constantly keep your connection to voters. I don’t think that ever stops. I don’t think you should campaign just before a primary or just before a general election. The DA’s job is one that is elected and is a public service position. Therefore, I think that you must keep in contact with voters from the most northern part of the county to its most southern part. There are regular events I can go to, like Roots and Rhythm or a breakfast in Newfoundland. I make an effort to meet as many people as I can in all parts of the county. To keep in contact, I am fortunate to have friends, my family and a committee that will keep me abreast to what’s going on. Obviously, I can’t know everything. Luckily, I have those important contacts that will help me connect.