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December 04, 2016
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Lumberland duo recognized for high-risk rescue

Reflecting on the event, Stiemle was able to find humor and more heroism. “The whole time we were thinking, ‘Oh God, we’ve got poison ivy!’ We did not, but they did—bad. Our fire department had found us over the Hawk’s Nest and had gotten every light truck possible to illuminate the river so it was like daylight when we left.”

“It’s one of the craziest things we’ve done,” added Bosco. “We just stepped out of our lives.”

Although both Stiemle and Hunt agree that this event has been the pinnacle of their rescue efforts to date, they have many other stories to tell, like the time they were sent to retrieve an unspecified pet from a house fire. It turned out to be a six-foot python. “We started feeling around in the smoky room,” said Stiemle. “When I grabbed it, I thought it was our hose. Unfortunately, it was cooked.”

Earlier this year, Stiemle and Hunt were also recognized for the Hawk’s Nest rescue by the Upper Delaware Council with that organization’s Lifesaving Award.