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December 05, 2016
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Gas at a glance

EPA wants to know where drillers are now going to dispose of their wastewater and will work with PADEP to ensure EPA has access to this information. The companies receiving the information requests are: Atlas Resources LLC; Talisman Energy USA; Range Resources – Appalachia, LLC.; Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation; SWEPI, LP and Chesapeake Energy Corporation. These six companies account for more than 50 percent of the natural gas drilling in Pennsylvania.

EPA has also requested that PADEP notify EPA when facilities are accepting hydraulic fracturing wastewater so EPA can assess if a pretreatment program or additional permit limits are needed; apply water quality standards for the protection of drinking water at the point of wastewater discharge, rather than at the point of first downstream drinking water intake; consider more “representative” sampling where drinking water facilities are downstream of treatment plants accepting Marcellus Shale gas wastewater; and be aware that Federal Underground Injection Control permits are required for any placement of hydraulic fracturing wastes in injection wells or bore holes. Visit www.epa.gov/region03/marcellus_shale/ for more information.