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October 23, 2016
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Shouting matches continue in Shohola

At the stormy meeting, another resident rose and said, “This is no way to conduct business. We need to work together. The animosity here is overwhelming. It’s no way to get anything done.” The advice had no effect whatever.

Another resident, Carrie Thomas, who has been a particularly thorny annoyance to Fluhr and township secretary Diana Blume at most of the meetings, repeated her usual accusation that the township was not properly responding to her open meetings law requests for information.

“We have responded as best as we can to your numerous requests and have imposed the legitimate practice of imposing a 30-day extension to respond to your requests,” Blume said.

Blume added that Thomas has asked for thousands of records during the year, imposing a strain on her time and work load.
“What are you looking for, Ms. Thomas?” Hoeper yelled. “Have you found anything yet?”