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December 04, 2016
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Gas battle gets personal

The property is located in Damascus Township, where the supervisors, all of whom have signed leases for natural gas, recently removed the township’s representative to the Upper Delaware Council (UDC), Dolores Keesler, from that post. In January, Keesler was elected chair of the UDC, which last month approved a draft letter specifying its concerns about the upcoming Delaware River Basin Commission’s proposed regulations for natural gas development. The termination came without warning and township officials defended it by saying they did not believe Keesler represented the interests of all town members.

Fox also apparently has vocal detractors at the state level. In a guest column submitted to the Delaware County Daily Times, Fox wrote, “Teddy Borawski, chief oil and gas geologist for the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and a member of Gov. Tom Corbett’s administration, compared my Sundance-award-winning and Oscar-nominated documentary film “Gasland” to Nazi propaganda, stating, ‘Goebbels would be proud.’

“My father and his parents were survivors of the Holocaust. We know what this kind of rhetoric can do. Since the release of “Gasland,” we have been subject to many kinds of attacks. Our family home has been vandalized several times. Windows have been broken while I have been away; property has been looted and articles have been set on fire. Hateful, despicable, demonizing speech can encourage the most vile impulses within people. To call my work ‘Nazi propaganda’ is to dehumanize me and those working on the issue.”

Fox is calling for an end to the incidents that he says could potentially lead to more serious acts of violence and he is willing to talk with any of his detractors face to face.
Anyone with information about the fire is asked to contact the state police fire marshal unit at 570/963-4292.

Liar Fox

Just because Josh Fox lied about being offered $5k/acre for a gas lease and lied about owning the property when in fact his father does, and lied about being a resident of Wayne County instead of New York City and made a film containing dozens of disingenuous claims, half truths and bold faced lies doesn't mean he should earn the moniker "Liar Fox". That would dehumanize him. It is interesting to note that the convenient burning of the debris field on his father's property makes him a victim. He and his family seem to play that victim card extremely well.

Liar Fox

It's all about perception. That's how Fox works, make something appear to be something it's not, then you can get the more ignorant people to believe what you say is true.


You don't have to be a filmmaker to have your property vandalized on that road.It's a party road for the local yahoos; everybody down there has had problems with break-ins & shenanigans for years. Sorry but when someone stole my Weber grill this Winter, it was NOT anti-semitism.