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December 05, 2016
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DRBC session on gas regs draws crowd

The meeting concluded without incident inside the hall, but outside, citizen Jill Weiner returned to her car to find the rude message, “Go Away Fag” scrawled on the window above her “Frack No!” bumper sticker. [See Letters, page 6.]
The full session was recorded by FrackAlert and is available at www.frackalert.org/index.asp?page=52.

As the UDC deliberates over its comments, the towns of Lumberland and Highland have already drafted theirs in advance of the March 16 deadline. Comments may be mailed, delivered during three hearings slated for February 22 and 24, or entered through an online submission process (PEPC) normally used by the National Park Service (NPS).

Comments will be sorted by topic. According to NPS representative Jacki Katzmire, it is not necessary to separate topics into different comments in order for each one to be counted. “The comment analysis function in PEPC works by setting up a series of codes that are used to group similar comments together,” Katzmire wrote in an email. “On the internal side of PEPC, someone pulls up the piece of electronic correspondence and creates one or more ‘comments’ from that correspondence. Each comment is then coded according to the particular concern. When the correspondence has been broken down into comments with codes, the coding system then groups together similar comments.”

Visit www.state.nj.us/drbc/notice_naturalgas-draftregs.htm for detailed information about the comment process.