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October 23, 2016
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Hessinger building slated for demolition

This domed laid-up-stone basement will likely be lost when the building comes down.

The cost of demolition will be added to Plum’s tax bill. Plum, 68, who now lives in Indiana, said she has various physical problems and does not have the wherewithal to pay for repairs or demolition. If her tax bill goes unpaid, Sullivan County will have to make the town whole, which is to say county taxpayers will bear the cost of the demolition and any unpaid taxes.

After two years, the county will then likely sell the property again at the yearly tax auction, this time without the historic building and for a price likely well below the cost of demolition.

Fuchs, who is also the building inspector for the neighboring Town of Delaware, said the process is fairly far along now, and it is unlikely that there would be any way to salvage the building. He said the neighbors who live in the area are glad to have it gone.

But Plum said the building is assessed for $30,000. So for the town to tear it down, she said, “they are stealing it from me.”