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Healthcare and legalized theft

It’s getting harder to breathe in the air of condescension.

You need to understand that affordable accessible healthcare can’t exist without profitable insurance companies—on the agenda of stabilizing markets, age-banding and actuaries, you can’t expect human dignity to be a covered option.

The current Delaware River flow management plan, FFMP, includes targeted reservoir voids that could help mitigate flooding like this that occurred in 2006, before the FFMP was instituted in 2011. Revision 1 contains no such void targets.

New Jersey drops a bomb on the Upper Delaware

At the very close of an otherwise routine February 16 meeting of the Regulated Flow Advisory Committee of the Delaware River Basin Commission, New Jersey’s representative, Steven Domber, read a startling announcement that because New Jersey’s disputes with the other parties to the 1954 Supreme Court decree that governs the allocation of the Dela

Solar glares

If “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” aren’t eyesores, too? But there’s a certain strain of trendy conceit that deplores the differing tastes of others, and holds itself entitled to impose its superior aesthetic tastes on everybody.

Caution with solar

Two weeks ago I received an email from Bruce Ferguson asking about solar inverters and human health. I invited him to my home to see the books and research that I have accumulated in the last several months. He declined, saying he had a deadline in a few days, so I sent some online sources.

Solar storm

There’s no doubt about it. If we want to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, we must quickly reduce our carbon footprint by bringing online all available renewable energy resources—and that includes commercial solar production.



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