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Speaking up in Pike County

By Abdul Jaludi
July 16, 2014

As a long term resident of Pike County, I’m sorry to say that I have been negligent in my duties. While enjoying all the privileges of living in this wonderful community, I left it to others to take responsibility for keeping the area pristine and attractive, as many others have done. Politics is an area I endeavored to stay as far away from as possible, feeling that my vote would absolve me of any further responsibility to the community.

I’ve been wrong in that regard. A long while ago someone proposed opening a Burger King in Milford Borough. To me, that was very good news, although I had never said so in public. (Letting others know that I frequent fast food joints when no one is looking is a fact I had preferred to keep secret.) However, when the proposal was rejected because it would take away from the historic appeal of Milford Borough, I was equally pleased. While a Burger King would have been nice, it just didn’t fit in with the natural beauty of the area. You can imagine my disappointment when a Duncan Donuts and a smoke shop appeared instead. “What happened?” was my first question. Unfortunately I kept that question to myself.

Next was the Milford Library. As a user of the library, and a previous volunteer, I knew firsthand how desperately they needed larger facilities. As usual I kept my thoughts to myself, trusting in others to do what’s in the area’s best interest. Each time I heard about delays, due to objections for one reason or another, I felt proud. Someone was doing their job, making sure things were being done appropriately. Oh, how wrong I was. When the library was finally completed, my heart sank. The architecture didn’t fit in with the surrounding area, nor was the inside laid out appropriately; there was too much wasted space, the children’s area was adjacent to the reading area and there were other missteps I had relied on others to have prevented.

The Rite Aid drive-thru expansion is another fiasco. Whoever agreed to the layout as it is now must never have realized that you can only get to the drive-thru from one side entrance, not from the main entrance.