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December 05, 2016
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‘Sparring’ over the site for a food hub

Butch Resnick

Regarding this proposal, as a “planner,” Sorensen should let professional judgment—not personal feelings toward his colleagues or me—influence his decision-making. When I spend my money, things get built, people get employed and taxes get paid. When Sorensen spends our tax money, we all lose. That is not conjecture. As the planning commissioner, he was instrumental in the design, planning and building of the Emerald Corporate Park. With only one tenant, the project is an abject failure, with the county-owned water company running at a loss each year. Since his corporate park opened, he has actively blocked other uses that would have provided taxes and jobs, that is until last week when he floated that property for the food hub. Members of the Rock Hill business community rightfully opposed it, and then he moved on to the property across the street from my park. While I can afford to not have tenants in my park, our county clearly can’t.

It’s a shame that Sorensen is willing to risk this needed project or spend more money just to stick it either to his opponents on the legislature or to me. Perhaps if it were his own money rather than ours, he would think differently.

[Butch Resnick is president and CEO of The Resnick Group, a Sullivan County development company.]