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December 09, 2016
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A response to ‘In defense of the slaughterhouse’

Anna and Vincent Gallo

Ms. Young appears to believe that humans are not capable of changing habits when she states that “people are not going to stop eating meat.” History is replete with customs and practices that at one time were commonly accepted but were eventually deemed illegal, immoral, primitive, or unhealthy (slavery, denying women the vote, smoking, to name a few.) Apparently Ms. Young is not aware of the steadily increasing vegetarian and vegan lifestyles worldwide. A 2008 survey of over 5,000 adults in the meat-eating U.S. showed that 3.2% (7.3 million) are already vegetarian, an additional 10% (22.8 million) follow a mostly vegetarian diet, and another 5.2 % (11.9 million) say they are “definitely interested in following a vegetarian diet in the future.” That was five years ago. The numbers are likely higher today. The transition away from animal consumption is happening but perhaps not in our lifetime.

Does Ms. Young reference to “our slaughterhouse” mean she has a vested interest in the facility? Would she take children, and family, to visit the kill floor? If not, why not?

How cavalier to say that when the animals reach the slaughterhouse they will have a “bad day.” In other words, as long as you let them eat grass and roam around (only during warmer weather because in winter they’re confined to indoor stalls for months) it’s okay to kill them, even though we really don’t need to?

Plant-food diets are (a) much healthier, (b) less expensive than meat, (c) do not involve pain and suffering to animals and (d) are better for our environment.

Change based on knowledge is possible for anyone with an open mind and caring heart.

[Anna and Vincent Gallo live in Bethany, PA.]