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December 10, 2016
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Still looking for reasons in Delaware

Liam Murphy

So there you have it: Nothing coming from the county, or from any law mandated these changes, which means that the entire public discussion has been based on a false assumption. The public had been led to believe that there was outside pressure to redraw the map; in fact it was a discretionary policy decision by the town.

Under the old law, all land in the River Corridor (RC) was subject to clear local regulation. Now much of it is not. Before, there was a list of permitted and special uses. Now, for much land in the corridor, there is not. That’s a simple fact. At all the public discussions, the issue was whether there was a better way of meeting the external mandate to redraw the DR boundary. Nobody mentioned the best option of all: Do nothing, because there is no mandate.

The town decided to spend three years redrawing the map to make zoning regulation less clear than it was before. Perhaps our elected representatives have reasons for this policy decision, but they haven’t felt the need to disclose them to the voting public.

[Liam Murphy is a resident of Kenoza Lake, NY.]