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May 03, 2016
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New hard drive for humanity

Stephen P. O’Donnell Sr

I have placed our order with the Universe (on behalf of all humanity, I hope you don’t mind) for a new hard drive. Funny, the only cost for the new hard drive was that I place a check mark for us (all of humanity) in the box next to the statement “I agree to the terms and conditions.” I guess they even have lawyers in the cosmos. I read the terms and conditions. Good news. All we need to do is return all of the old software and programs that we have previously purchased and installed, in addition to the old hard drive and any data that we have saved on it.

I gotta tell ya, this all sounds like a no-brainer to me. I went ahead and placed a checkmark in the “agree to terms and conditions” box and clicked on submit. I hope everyone is OK with that?

I let you know when our new hard drive arrives.

In Aiki.

[Stephen P. O’Donnell Sr. is Shihan at the Ki Institute of Self Mastery in Port Jervis, NY.]