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December 05, 2016
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No land ethic, no country

If there was truly a love of our country, call it patriotism if you will, then our landscapes would be clean, or there would be an uproar by Congress to stop what has happened to our country. Corporations have the money and our economy is controlled by them; this model serves them, not the people, from the spread of sprawl and development of shopping malls to the never ending result of the trash that this way of life leaves behind. It shows the difference between a real nation and a land that has lost its sense of responsibility.

One nation under God. We are a nation divided by greed and by an economic system that has outlived its purpose and meaning. No land ethic, no nation. Freedom is a farce and the dynamic of consumerism only suits the selfish. The more money one has, the more one wants; this, too, is a kind of mental illness.

America needs to clean its house, literally, and corporations need to be made responsible.

[Nick Homyak is from Lake Hiawatha, NJ.]