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December 02, 2016
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What is going on in the Town of Delaware?

Liam Murphy

The gas-friendly Town of Windsor, in Broome County, understands all this. It has a gas compressor station. And it has a well drafted comprehensive noise law. That law prohibits noise more than five decibels (dBA) above ambient during the day or three dBA above ambient during the night. It specifies a default ambient noise level of 35 dBA. The town is currently involved in a drawn-out struggle with the owner of the compressor station over precisely the issue of whether the owner can prove that the ambient noise level is higher than 35 dBA.

Questions for the public hearing: Why do you propose to allow noise four times as loud as existing law? Why is no default ambient noise level specified? Why does the proposed noise amendment not even specify which decibel scale is to be used? Why, in other words, have you not given us a careful and protective noise law, as the pro-gas town of Windsor has done? Why do you refuse to explain your thinking when you are asked by residents? In short, what on earth is going on in Delaware?

[Liam Murphy is a resident of Kenoza Lake, NY.]