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June 26, 2016
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Others have gone before us; An open letter to the human race

J.C.B. Huggard

Why do we think we are the Masters of the Earth and that we are entitled to exploit and plunder her bounty for our own benefit and to hell with Grandmother Earth’s other creatures, her streams and rivers and wetlands, her air?

Less than 500 years ago, man believed the Earth was the center of the Universe. Today, he believes he is the center of the universe. After Copernicus and Galileo rewrote cosmology, establishing the sun as the center of our little space in the universe, people at first were outraged. Only slowly did we change our old beliefs. Today, every schoolchild knows that we revolve around the sun, and that there are many suns and many galaxies.

New thinkers (hearkening back to the beliefs of the ancients) are talking of another new cosmology. They ask us to know that man—that we—are not the center of the universe or masters of earth, that we are part of the sacred whole, that the universe is not a “collection of objects but a communion of subjects,” that the earth is not an “it” but a living, breathing, spiritual gift. Others have gone before us who knew what we have forgotten.

Others will come after us, but what will they inherit? What kind of planet will we leave behind?

[J.C.B. Huggard lives on a dead end dirt road in Dyberry Township, PA with black bears, wild turkeys and other country creatures.]