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December 04, 2016
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Against the Delaware resolution

Jan Watts and Brian Caiazza

Town residents are by no means in unanimous agreement that drilling is the right direction for our town. The last round of elections was not won in a landslide, despite the pro-drillers’ spin. We propose the appointment of a neutral, independent, fact-finding panel representing all sides to determine the very real health, safety and financial implications of drilling should it come to our town. It’s called a comprehensive impact study, and to do any less by our community makes the town council derelict in its basic fiduciary duties according to Article 2 of New York Municipal Home Rule Law, which includes (among other things):

• Prudent management of town finances, the incurrence of obligations, accruement of debt and the protection against unnecessary claims against the town;

• The care and management of its roads, highways and general municipal infrastructure;

• The protection and enhancement of the physical and visual environment;

• The protection, order, conduct, safety, health and well being of persons or property therein.

We implore you, our town council, to exercise caution and prudent consideration. You are the only thing standing between us and the potential hazards caused by a cutthroat, billion-dollar backed industry. Please rescind the pro-drilling resolution and conduct a comprehensive impact study immediately.

[Jen Watts and Brian Caiazza are residents of the Town of Delaware, NY.]