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December 09, 2016
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FAQ: Narrowsburg Waterfront Revitalization

FAQ approved by the Tusten Town Board

As stated above, it’s unlikely that the town will be able to tackle this project in one fell swoop. And, just as we have done with paying for the engineer’s draft, we intend to fund this project with state and other matching grants. A town the size of Tusten cannot undertake a project of this magnitude in any other way.

6. What about maintenance costs?

Any river walk would be maintained by the highway department and cost the same to maintain as any similar stretch of road. It could even cost less, because it’s difficult to envision why snow would have to be removed from the walkway during the winter months.

7. I hear that this project will benefit the few at the expense of the many. Please explain.

Attracting more visitors to town will result in more business and bring more customers, visitors, and potential home buyers and investors to Tusten. That can only increase the value of everyone’s home. And a study by the National Park Service showed that more than 300,000 people visited the Upper Delaware in 2010, each spending an average of $30 while here. Increasing this flow of tourists to our town by means of the Main Street Revitalization Project is a common sense goal for Tusten. That’s a win-win situation that the town boards have recognized for decades and that the existing board will not pass up.