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December 06, 2016
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Resignation letter to the Pond Eddy Design Advisory Committee

Glenn Pontier

According to a search of the Pike County tax maps (within the last month), it appears that there are only 23 private tax parcels on the Pennsylvania side served by the bridge, not 26 as PennDot claims, although it may be including state land parcels. The combined market value of the 23 parcels is $2,148,013 (or assessed value of $459,960 x 4.67 “common level ratio” to get the market value). Of course, this indicates that the cost of a new bridge will be in the range of five times the market value of the properties that it serves.

The existing bridge already allows access of vehicles up to seven tons. This historic structure should be brought back to its original capacity [approximately 15 to 18 tons] which will then allow crossings by emergency vehicles….

If there is an additional need for trucks of greater tonnage, then Pennsylvania should extend one of three existing roads that reach close to Pond Eddy. Parkers Glen Road comes within 1.8 miles and is roughed out the remaining distance [it can be seen on Google Earth]. Fire Tower Road comes from Route 6 to within .8 miles, but it would need to cross over the hill to Pond Eddy. A third road comes up from Matamoras through Mil Rift. There is also a railroad running through Pond Eddy, capable of carrying huge loads, on the chance someone actually wanted to construct a new house….

Essentially, if Pennsylvania believes that this community should receive services that everyone in the Commonwealth is entitled to—then it should provide them. PA should not destroy a nationally recognized bridge, threaten the Delaware River and ask the citizens of New York to pay half the cost.

[The above has been edited down with the permission of the author from his letter of resignation from the Pond Eddy Design Advisory Committee to the NYS and PA Departments of Transportation. Pontier represented the Upper Delaware Scenic Byway (UDSB), and this is a personal resignation. Carol Roig of the Town of Highland will replace him representing the UDSB. Click here for a full-length version of the letter.