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August 29, 2016
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Promising the moon

Noel van Swol

8. Mr. Kang requested and was given extension after extension on the closing dates for his bids. In the end, as I predicted, Mr. Kang walked away, got his $150,000 deposit back, and left the district holding the bag.

There are some people in the community who ran after Ilwon Kang for a year or more and are now trying to save face by claiming this debacle cost us nothing. Actually, it did. Rather than totally shut the buildings down, Sullivan West spent approximately $180,000 in utility bills etc. during the year-long period Kang had optioned the buildings. Because we could not retain Kang’s deposit, Sullivan West taxpayers had to absorb that entire cost.

As I have repeatedly said, Mr. Kang appears to have been just one more in a long line of promoters who have come to Sullivan County over the last 40 years promising the moon and delivering nothing. No wonder people are cynical.

[Noel van Swol is a member of the Sullivan West School District’s school board and a resident of Long Eddy, NY.]