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December 03, 2016
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Some thoughts about fracking/gas drilling

Stephen Lundgren

We have heard talk about how signing a gas lease is like “winning the lottery,” and claims that “everyone will benefit by drilling.” Ask yourself: Have you heard anyone back up these claims by publicly pledging to invest all or even a significant portion of their royalties back into the community in any of the following ways?
1. Establishing scholarships for local graduates to study new agriculture methods appropriate to our region, and having them return to the area for a certain period of time to work in the industry
2. Providing venture capital to create new “clean & green” businesses appropriate to this area.
3. Creating non-profits to offer low-interest loans to small and medium local businesses and farms
4. Funding equipment and training for our public safety personnel (volunteer firefighters, EMTs, police, etc.)
5. Creating a local Emergency Management Agency to provide immediate emergency relief and assistance to people whose lives and/or property have been damaged or destroyed by drilling-related activities.
6. Providing grants to local municipalities, schools, charities, civic associations, etc.
I’m not running for office to impose my will on anyone – I am running to represent all of the residents, taxpayers, and landowners in the Town of Delaware. I want to be a leader who listens, so you tell me: are you “for or against” gas drilling?