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December 03, 2016
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A clarification from Concerned Citizens

By Carol Roig, Peter Comstock and Kevin Vertrees

You should be assured that our towns are not going to bring fiscal disaster upon themselves. Period. However, they reject doing nothing just because there are threats of lawsuits hanging in the air. Even if the restrictive zoning is challenged, each of the proposed zoning codes requires an aggrieved party (perhaps a gas company or a lessor) to exhaust a strenuous administrative remedy—a zoning use variance process—before the case can be considered ripe for litigation.

In the coming weeks, starting first with Lumberland on September 1, public information sessions will be held to explain the proposed zoning codes section by section, answer questions, and to solicit input for revisions. We urge you to become informed and then decide for yourself whether each town is acting in the best interest of its residents.

[Carol Roig represents Highland Concerned Citizens, Peter Comstock represents Lumberland Concerned Citizens and Kevin Vertrees represents Tusten Concerned Citizens.]