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December 10, 2016
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Finally it’s making sense

Richard Plunz

To make a long story short, after years of haggling and pressuring and deferred maintenance, it looks like PennDOT just might get its new bridge. And Pennsylvania’s motivations are finally making more sense. Just across the river in Pike County alone are 24,280 acres of state game lands. Much of that area has Marcellus Shale under it, and Pennsylvania is not hesitating to open state lands to gas extraction. A look at the locations of local roads and pipelines indicates the importance of the Pond Eddy crossing once gas extraction begins. Back in 2002, those who were concerned about preserving the bridge could not have imagined this scenario. Now the pieces are finally falling into place, and nothing will be sacred.

[Richard Plunz directs the Urban Design Lab at Columbia University’s Earth Institute; and is vice chairman of the Town of Lumberland Planning Board.]