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Homeowners should not be taxed on solar systems that feed the grid

August 20, 2014

Big oil and gas are joining forces to eliminate incentives for sustainable energy. In addition, segments including misleading information about the cost of carbon-based energy compared to sustainable solar and wind are being shared with the public through various media sources, including major news networks. Unfortunately, this attack also includes a movement to impose a surtax upon homeowners who sell back the extra solar energy that they provide to our grid.

I understand that Oklahoma has an active surcharge as do other States like Arizona and Kansas. Next time we have impending brown- outs, perhaps we’ll be reminded about how the producers of solar power are helping our energy infrastructure.

American consumers of energy need to know the facts and the long-term environmental implications of continuing to rely on fossil fuel for energy needs. Other countries such as Australia and Germany are making huge strides in solar and wind, but the utility companies here in America are stagnating in that regard. Last year, BP and ConocoPhillips sold off their entire alternative energy programs to focus upon producing oil and natural gas.

We must do more to bring about renewable energy solutions. This is not only for our short-term needs, but for the long-term health of people and planet. Future generations will appreciate our efforts to change our energy infrastructure to one that is ecological friendly and sustainable.

Dave Falvo
Honesdale, PA