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Closing the door

June 18, 2014

It is public. In the […] days since we announced that we were ending Green Door Magazine, there has been an outpouring of emotions and support. And also a lot of questions. This statement is an effort to bring some clarity and closure to us all.

We’ve done the magazine as a labor of love these past three years, and never knew just how beloved we were by the community. Sustaining the magazine sometimes happened in a vacuum and we weren’t always privy to its impact.

The magazine was, and we hope its legacy will continue to be authentic in its messaging. It was always about something greater than the pages of the magazine. It was about manifesting and harnessing all the creative forces residing in the area. The greatest magic happened in the community-driven events at our headquarters in Liberty. For those of you that attended, and we’ll be forever thankful, you know it was a space in which to be inspired and dream about what was possible for our area.

These notions, while existing within the confines of our pages and headquarter walls, did not solely come to being because of us. It was already there, and we were thankful to be the vehicle to help manifest what we are all feeling. We can understand why some of you may feel shocked, angry, or even abandoned by our decision to end the magazine as you know it. But, it was never about the magazine, or the space; it was about all of you and your wonderful stories and contributions to the creative environment.

Through Green Door, as a champion of small business, while being a small business ourselves, we know how tough it is. We ask the community and remind everyone here, that if there is a small business you love today, right now, make sure they know it with both your words and your wallet.

Thank you for all the love and continued support,

Ellie & Akira Ohiso
Liberty, NY