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December 07, 2016
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Playwrights as storytellers, not preachers

May 28, 2014

I want to give my own view, in contrast to that of Jonathan Fox, of “Holy, Holy, Holy” by Bill Duncan. I saw the play May 3rd with a few of my ex-priests friends. I kidded with Bill after the play that it “had answered all my questions.” Of course it didn’t, but it did raise the right questions to be reflected upon by the audience. I praise Bill’s “decision” when he wrote the play to just tell a story and let the audience come to its own conclusions. Having lived a similar story as that of the characters in the play, I was impressed that Bill let me come to my own decision as to the insights that his play, as any story, encourages one to have. (I have written my own story in “A Flickering Candle” not as a defense, but just to tell a very human story and encourage others to reflect on their own life story.) I believe Bill did us a service by not preaching, but by provoking our own thinking. One last comment, I think the cast deserves an award for “one terrific ensemble.”

Bob Mullin
Middletown, NY
[Bob Mullin is a professor of management at Orange County Community College.]