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December 02, 2016
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One citizen’s endorsement for Town of Cochecton candidates

October 9, 2013

I have been volunteering a lot of my time to the campaign to elect Joan Glase and Dr. Paul Salzberg to the Cochecton Town Council. The three of us have visited almost every home in town and we have been listening to the concerns of the voters. Their top named issues are jobs, taxes, keeping the town beautiful and keeping out fracking. This confirms the overwhelming 3-to-1 majority who last year signed a petition calling for a ban on fracking vs. one in favor of it. The voters we are hearing from agree with Joan and Dr. Paul that once a ban on fracking is in place, the pall of fear will lift from the community and all the other things we want to do in Cochecton will become possible. Jobs will come from second-home construction bolstered by secure property values and from an influx of tourists to a protected region of several towns safe from pollution. New sustainable farms in a pristine environment can be encouraged to serve the growing movement toward local food, extending to New York City. Retirees will feel this is a safe place to settle and medical services can expand. Higher employment with good jobs leads to a stronger tax base that relieves the burden, generally.

The threat of fracking is not the only reason Joan Glase and Dr. Paul Salzberg decided to step up to the responsibility of public office but they know that fracking needs to be removed as an obstacle so they can devote themselves to representing all the citizens of Cochecton. They will bring fresh ideas and inexhaustible energy to the job of a growing healthy, safe and prosperous Cochecton. More information at VoteForJoan.com

Allan Rubin
Cochecton, NY