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Obamacare agonistes

September 25, 2013

When will Congressional Republicans get off their pouting ways and engage the other important issues facing this nation? I read recently that Republicans have tried 41 times to kill or defund the recently passed national health care legislation. Not everyone is against Obamacare. Some people would like to have universal coverage so that rate payers no longer have to cover those hospital bills run up by the non-insured.

Everyone would like to spend their money on things other than insurance, but burdening your fellow citizens is not right, nor fair. Some people would like to have coverage that is affordable. Some people would like not to be denied coverage for a pre- existing health condition.

Those people that have experienced serious illness know the value of insurance. Those people who have been fortunate to escape such illness can look forward to the experience in the future. No legislation as complex as the health care bill is without flaws. Congress should start the game and fix what needs to be fixed later. The child who brings his ball to the game and then wants to take it away when the game is not going his way soon is looking for friends.

Larry Richardson
Cochecton, NY