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December 10, 2016
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On man’s argument against the Reproductive Health Act

May 29, 2013

Please, regardless if you are a Democrat, Libertarian, Independent or Republican, I urge you to contact our governor and our various representatives to Albany about this terrifying Reproductive Health Act that encourages abortion at any stage of the pregnancy, including late term. Why? Because a scared pregnant woman needs help and understanding not a supposed quick fix, as if abortion is just another form of birth control.

Think this through: just because it’s legal doesn’t make it good or true. The apple of God’s eye, the Jewish people, could be robbed, tortured and murdered legally in Nazi Germany. I hope we all agree that was a horrifying holocaust. What about this? If the police knew of a ring of doctors who were murdering one-day-old babies they would show up with a SWAT Team to arrest them.

However, we continue to vote people into office who make laws that say [when] the baby is still inside the mother, or on the way out the birth canal… the infant boy or girl is not yet a person but rather a viable choice.

Please, I lovingly urge you to contact Albany and tell them to have the Reproductive Health Act removed from the agenda.

Lastly, separation of church and state and our U.S Constitution in general was never set up to keep God awayfrom the people or faith out of government. It was set up to protect the Christian Church and citizens from U.S. government. Please check out the excellent Judeo-Christian history website I also recommend watching the Kirk Cameron film “Monumental.”

John Pasquale
Livingston Manor, NY