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UDC: A quarter-century of partnership

May 1, 2013

Think of it… In the council, you are partnering not just with other local governments, but with two states, with the multi-state river basin commission, and the United States Department of the Interior, and you, the local town and township delegates—you really are the majority, and really do control the majority of votes in this very prestigious group. And through its zoning each town or township agrees to certain standards that protect and preserve the land along the river.

Richard Byler, a professional planner, once wrote of the plan, “You have created perhaps a more innovative and unique document and organization than you realize. There is nothing comparable to your council in PA and NY and so far as I have yet found in the United States. Nothing else has voting membership from all levels of government and is created in this way. Technically, you have a bi-state law based on a council of governments inside one of the few Federal-bistate compacts.” It is unique….

Today the river is peaceful and clean—far more peaceful and clean than it was 150 years ago. No private land has been confiscated and no homes have been destroyed by our government. The villages are safe and functioning, bridges have been replaced and repaired, commerce continues, businesses thrive, and families grow up along the river….

So happy birthday, UDC.