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December 07, 2016
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Letter writer: Tax dollars go to ‘lazy’ boys’

April 17, 2013

Recently I had the misfortune to go to the Cochecton transfer station and witnessed some troubling behavior by two Sullivan County waste employees.

An elderly lady was attempting to bring a pail of garbage up the little hill to the dumpster. Seeing the two young boys in the transfer hut were not coming out to help, my husband did their job and took the pail, emptied the contents into the dumpster, and put the pail back in the woman’s car. I went into the transfer hut to ask why they did not help the woman. They told me their boss told them to wait to be asked to help before doing so. I was shocked, and yes they received a rant from me. When I was done, the one boy behind the desk asked me, if I was so concerned why didn’t I help her. My husband helped her and I find this boy’s comment to be insulting and showing an arrogant attitude towards the people who use this transfer station.

They sat in that hut doing absolutely nothing while the older worker was out bringing down the piles of recyclables. They sat in that hut doing nothing while this elderly woman struggled to get that pail up to the dumpster. What I also find appalling is I am paying these two lazy immoral boys to sit there doing nothing. Shame on the Sullivan waste department. They waste my tax dollars on people who do nothing but sit in a hut and collect coupons, which makes me wonder, why do they need two to do such a simple task?

Elizabeth Miller
Cochecton, NY