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October 25, 2012

I write this letter to express my disgust with the tactics of candidate Julian Schreibman and the group of henchmen who take financial responsibility for the mailers that have been sent to the residents of the 19th Congressional District regarding Congressman Chris Gibson.

I have received over 10 mailers regarding Congressman Gibson from Schreibman and his cohorts accusing Congressman Gibson of such insensitive and deplorable actions that have resulted in “Medicare costs going up, cutting education funding, denying women health services, causing cancer research to be denied, and on and on and on… ” I have not received one mailer that tells me what Schreibman has done, what his platform is, and in general, what his qualifications are to represent the 19th Congressional District and the residents who live there!

I know from conversations with leaders of the Democratic Party (a number of whom have endorsed Congressman Gibson) that his tenure as head of the Ulster County Democratic Party caused dissention, resentment, and resulted in the Party losing control of the Legislature. His tenure at the CIA and his responsibilities are questionable, and he failed in his responsibility to prosecute defendants in the county jail debacle when working for the DA’s office.

I am not enrolled in a party. I vote for candidates who exhibit attributes such as honesty, integrity and dedication to public service. Chris Gibson has these attributes. He ran for Congress in 2010 to SERVE!

Chris’ mother is on Medicare. He has two daughters and a son. He is a decorated veteran who served four tours in combat zones and reached the rank of Colonel. He has donated his military pension back to the U.S. treasury while serving in Congress because “it was the right thing to do.” Does this sound like the attributes of a person who would vote for legislation depicted by Schreibman and the classless politicians that were responsible for these mailings? Would a family man who has strived to live with integrity take actions that would harm his family? In fact, Gibson did nothing of the sort! Go to www.gibsonforcongress.com and each of the false accusations are addressed with the truth.

When you have nothing good to say about yourself, lie and pour money into telling lies, and with enough repetition you may get people to believe.

Instead of stating what he would do to SERVE and protect the residents of Upstate New York, Schreibman has relied on trash and lies.

In closing, I would like to quote a press release from Congressman Gibson titled “My commitment: Putting Our Upstate Communities First.” He says “… the NYCDEP Watershed has been consolidated into a single District, the 19th. I will bring leadership to the issues by uniting the five Counties and 41 Towns. The citizens of the Watershed deserve fair treatment and I commit to ensuring they get it.” That says more to me than misrepresentations and lies.

The 19th District has a wonderful opportunity to elect an honest man who understands INTEGRITY. I hope the voters take advantage and vote for Chris Gibson on Election Day.

Robert Illjes
Hurley, New York