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December 04, 2016
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Try just five out of 10

September 6, 2012

In a world that is getting more confusing daily, I think of things like should we drill for oil and gas in the USA? Should we keep sending billions of dollars to buy oil from hostile nations that build up their military and give money to terrorists? What about being for traditional marriage, like Chik-fil-a, is that person really a “hater”? Is divorce or abortion really the answer to a family’s problems? Do we find the answers on morning TV?

Man, sometimes I go to people’s homes and they have on those TV shows that have people take lie detector tests to see if they are cheating or DNA tests to find out “who is the daddy?” etc. I feel bad for those people on those TV shows and their kids. Help!

Seriously, think about this. If we all at least tried to obey the last 5 of the 10 commandments this would be an excellent world to live in.

5. Honor your parents and you will prosper.

6. Don’t murder.

7. Don’t commit adultery

8. Don’t steal

9. Don’t lie.

10. Don’t covet. (Coveting leads to breaking 6,7,8 and 9)

Read Exodus 20 for all of the 10 Commandments.

John Pasquale

Livingston Manor, NY