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December 04, 2016
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Better education would be a good investment

June 28, 2012

I went recently to visit family upstate. They go to school and live on the campus of the William George Agency, a private facility to which public agencies sometimes send at-risk children. I was upset with the things I found out.

They have baseball, football and basketball courts, and yet they do not even have a team to play against schools. Even if the schools had to transport their students to the game, would sports not be good for these children?

With all the land they have, the children do not have a single vegetable or flower garden. They are more than likely not going to go to college; how about giving them a fighting chance at survival by teaching them things that they need to know? Teach them how to plant and harvest a vegetable garden, so they know where vegetables come from. Show them how to plant fruits, so they know where they come from. Show these children about flower gardens and the care they need. It does not take a scientist to teach them this, but it does take time, and these children have all the time after school that is needed!

I had also been speaking with a staff member about the summer school programs. These children have school all year round, and yet students sit there and watch movies during the summer school. This time should be used to advance these students’ education.

Take the time and hire some teachers to teach them advancement classes during the summertime. It is not these children’s fault yet they are being punished by not being given the same chances our children are given!

They are raising the future of tomorrow; are these students the future convicts or the future leaders?

Mia Stagl
Smallwood, NY