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December 05, 2016
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Conservation district information on the Tennessee Pipeline

May 3, 2012

The recent natural gas transmission line installation, Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company’s (TGP) 300 line, created quite a stir in our rural community. It disrupted properties, agriculture, forest land, rivers, creeks, wetlands and close to 400 acres of ground. The activity was performed through an authorized Erosion and Sediment Control Permit-1 (ESCGP-1) issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. The permit required engineering and review for the construction process, start to finish.

The finish part of the project is what needs to be understood by those whose properties are affected. The finish will not be immediate, and understandably, some folks are impatient, and would like to have everything restored right now. It will take a little while yet. The ESCGP-1 requires specific things to occur before the project is deemed complete, one of which is that an earth

disturbance activity must achieve a 70% vegetative cover (grasses and forbs) to be deemed stable. Considering the unconventional weather of this and last year, not much has proven to help achieve really good vegetative growth. So with that, we’re going to have to wait for stabilization.

There is, however, good news regarding the restoration process. TGP, its contractors and environmental teams will be monitoring, repairing and reseeding over the next several years. Eroded or washed-out areas will be restored as close as possible to pre-construction contours. Agricultural fields (hay and grazing) will be restored as negotiated by the landowner and land agents for TGP. Any landowner who negotiated for specific conditions or had an agreement with a land agent that has not been satisfied, should contact TGP in Houston, TX. The toll free number is 800/781-4152, and the mailing address is Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. LLC, PO Box 2511, Houston, TX 77252

Bottom line is, the project ain’t over till it’s over. TGP will be around for several years yet.

Len Grover
Resource Conservationist, Wayne Conservation District
Honesdale, PA