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December 02, 2016
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Responsible journalism and reporting the truth

March 15, 2012

Re your article “The humane slaughterhouse:” I object to the incorrect use of the word “humane” where animal farming and slaughter are concerned. If we call euthanasia of our companion animals, or even assisted suicide for humans “humane,” then how can we possibly call what we do to other animals, especially farm animals “humane?” The former is for the alleviation of incurable suffering where there is no hope for quality of life. In the latter, we enslave, commodify and unnaturally create life only to destroy it. So let’s not call slaughter “humane.”

And while we’re at it, let’s take a look at the word “human” and what “humanity” means in this, the 21st century. Would any parent want their child to be a killer on a killing floor? Are people aware of the physical and emotional hell that animal agriculture workers endure in these supposedly sane and ethical environments? Are people aware that the business has such a hard time finding workers that they recruit and exploit illegal immigrants, and also hire cruel sociopaths and psychopaths—many of whom get their starts as serial killers in factory farms and slaughterhouses? Are they aware of the exponentially increasing toll that animal consumption is going to take on personal and public health, and the cost of health care—or what it’s doing to the planet, and their own children’s future?

Stop enabling absurd human denial with pacifying euphemisms and myopic vision. Report the truth about the slaughterhouse!

L. Shannon
Watkins Glen, NY