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October 22, 2016
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Rewrite the rewrite

February 16, 2012

I’ve always assumed we live in a country where the majority rules. However, much like the federal government, which thinks it knows how to spend our hard-earned money better than we do, it seems the Lumberland zoning rewrite committee and town board think they know how to use and take care of our land better than each homeowner. Other than a few attendees who are subject to group-think mentality, the majority of the 70 to 80 attendees at the latest public hearing were strongly in favor of a rewrite of the rewrite.

Another question begs to be asked: Why was so much attention paid to Section 10 (industrial use prohibitions) for so long when it was acknowledged by the council president, Nadia Rajsz, that no extractable gas exists under Lumberland? While everyone was fighting over the perceived threat by the big, bad gas companies, all of these stringent and highly questionable zoning regulations were passing under the radar. It seems like the anti-industrial use regulations were a smoke-screen for the land grab that the town board is trying to initiate. Had it not been for a few brave individuals who were willing to stand up and yell “fire” when there really was a fire versus the Concerned Citizens of Lumberland leading the charge of a non-existent cause, we would be completely ignorant of what the town board is attempting to do.

No one debates that the huge undertaking of the zoning rewrite was an unenviable task and the committee should be commended; however, now that the “sleeping giant” has been awakened, it’s time to revisit the rewrite and take into consideration what the taxpayers and voters actually want.

Janice Torretta
Glen Spey, NY

The Twilight Zoning

TRR is a multi-state publication, yet it is clear this Lumberland zoning issue is not being presented to the general reader either in a broad, or specific, layout. Rather, it is being presented on a conflict level only, with very sad metaphors.

When the letter writer writes, "However, much like the federal government, which thinks it knows how to spend our hard-earned money better than we do, it seems the Lumberland zoning rewrite committee and town board think they know how to use and take care of our land better than each homeowner.", she betrays two opinions: one, is a BS political opinion about the federal government in relation to taxes and spending across the board, and the other is a meaningless statement about the issue of zoning, whether on individual land, or in the community as a whole.

Does a board know more than Mr. John Doe, landowner? Does a community board know more than a potentially self serving individual? Does the board have the whole community in its sight, as opposed to an individual landowner? Of course it might. I'm speaking in terms of generalities, but what else does one have to go by, given the coverage, letters and comments here?

As far as a "perceived" threat by the "big bad gas companies", the gas companies ARE big, and they ARE bad, and the threat is not "perceived", it is very real.

I hope the community board looks at the whole picture, and not just the screaming of the larger landowners, and business men and women.

It is interesting that the letter writer separately lists "taxpayers", and "voters", because a huge minority, if not a majority, of taxpayers, are not voters. That is a major problem with the notion of "majority rule" in our area. A huge portion, if not the outright majority, of taxpaying property owners, are not eligible to vote. Add to that the fact that a minority of eligible voters actually vote in our country, and you have a recipe for a small minority, calling themselves, a "majority".

This playing field will have to level out, at some point, or the community will be buried in the quicksand, which is where it seems to be heading.

Zoning is not easy, and, it is a necessity.

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