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December 05, 2016
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Failing the first test

February 2, 2012

The new Sullivan County Legislature had its first true test during the full board meeting this past Thursday, and it failed miserably. The new legislators, who campaigned on a platform of openness and integrity in county government, literally threw their ethics out the window in less than 30 days. At the center of this controversy is a resolution to put out to bid the Sullivan County tourism contract. This resolution did not appear on any official county agenda, on the county website, or in any official county notice to the public. It was not introduced into one of the legislative committees where it would be discussed openly and then, if passed, sent to the full legislative board for a vote. Instead, it was verbally added as the next to last item at the full legislative board—to the amazement of all the citizens gathered in the room. This is exactly what the people voted to change this past November, and we have apparently been fooled. Congratulations to Ira Steingardt, Kitty Vetter, John Rouis and Alan Sorensen. You voted against this charade and your integrity is intact. As for all the other legislators, shame on you.

Etta Sarbanti
Liberty, NY