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Misunderstanding the process

November 24, 2011

It seems that Charles Petersheim is out of touch with reality again. In his letter “Lumberland not like Tusten” of October 27, Mr. Petersheim attempts to compare the Town of Lumberland’s rewrite process to Tusten’s. However, it is clear that he truly does not understand the process he is comparing.

Let me explain this to you again, Mr. Petersheim.

Tusten held two public hearings, on September 26 and on October 10. Lumberland’s first public hearing is scheduled for November 30 at 7 p.m. The Town of Lumberland has also held two public informational meetings, in which—unlike public hearings, wherein comments are accepted but there is no immediate response—the public can ask questions and get answers from the zoning rewrite committee. Heather Jacksy from Sullivan County Division of Planning and David and Helen Slottje led the discussion and fielded questions regarding the draft zoning code.

At no time were there any threats, letters of intimidation or any incivility at these meeting as you claim. There are only continuous insults toward the Town of Lumberland from you, Mr. Petersheim. Additionally, there is no confusion on the part of Lumberland as to who is in charge or leading the process; the only confusion is on your part.

I suggest that you get involved in a rewrite process, for example, in your own Town of Highland. That way you could familiarize yourself with how the process works, and at the same time focus your energy in a positive direction.

Please do not continue to insult the Town of Lumberland and its hard-working residents who volunteer a great deal of their time in doing good for their town, Heather Jacksy or the Slottjes. Do not tell the Town of Lumberland who can or cannot be involved in this process, as that is for Lumberland to decide. It appears that you have nothing of substance to add or suggest regarding the zoning code. So far there have been no specific criticisms of the law that we can address.

Nadia Rajsz, supervisor
Town of Lumberland, NY