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December 09, 2016
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Good neighbors would do more to mitigate

September 8, 2011

In regard to the article “Monticello Motor Club defended” in the August 17 issue: I am one of the neighbors, a member of the Concerned Citizens of the Town of Thompson, who has had the quality of my life greatly impeded by that club’s actions.

I realize that the racing occurring at the club has been reduced as far as the number of days it has happened this year, and consequently, we do not have to deal with the horrendous noise as often. However, I, along with many of my neighbors, still maintain that we should not have to have our home lives interfered with by the abusive fallout of their personal fun and games at all. If they actually were “good neighbors” and put up effective sound walls and controlled the kinds of mufflers used by the people involved in the club, or did anything and everything necessary to abate that intrusive noise, we would not complain, and they would be welcomed into our community as a fine addition rather than a horrible, offensive distraction.

Richard Chiger
Monticello, NY